Rules, Rent, Fees, & Documents

House Rules

In the event that you stay and live at FLF, you stand required to respect and hold fast to all of the FLF rules. Principles are set up to ensure all occupants a safe, pleasant, unbiased, and socially interactive environment. A list of standard policies will be given to each occupant upon entering FLF house, and all stand required to sign an agreement expressing that they will comply with all the house rules. House rules in our home incorporate, but are not limited to, the accompanying:  

  • No drinking alcohol
  • No taking drugs
  • Must smoke in designated smoking areas
  • Must have no sexual contact with other residents
  • Must pay your program fees on time
  • Must not steal from the house
  • Must not destroy house property
  • Must not engage in violent behavior

FLF house has a zero-tolerance approach as it applies to the above guidelines, implying, if an occupant breaches one of the house rules, he will promptly be removed from the house. As an example, an occupant may get a notice in the event that they are discovered smoking in a non-assigned smoking area, and the notice expressed as a first warning that if you are found smoking outside of an assigned smoking region again, you will be removed from the FLF house. FLF house has a zero-tolerance approach with respect to sexual contact between housemates. 

House Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Clean up after yourself
  • Keep your bedroom clean
  • Take messages for other guests
  • Attend at least three 12-step meetings per week
  • Keep mental health and medical appointments
  • Take your medications as prescribed
  • Inform the house manager if you will be out overnight
  • Attend mandatory house meetings

Curfews are as listed below:

  • Sunday thru Thursday: 10:30PM(If your work hours extend past 10:30 exceptions will be made.)
  • Friday thru Saturday: 12:30AM(If your works hours extend past 12:00AM exceptions will be made.)
    All Phase I residents: 9:00PM Monday – Sunday. 

    Residents are not permitted to leave Palm Beach County, at any time, without a pass or notification.


Phase I is, at a minimum, the first 30 days of residency. Once you are gainfully employed, have a sponsor and have no rule violations, you will have completed Phase I.

Once you begin your stay here at FLF, you will be subject to an initial probationary period. The length is typically 30 days, but may vary from client to client. The purpose of this probationary period is for staff and the community to gauge where a new member stands in their recovery as well as to ensure the greatest chance of success for the newly sober individual. Note that many of the rules and regulations that accompany the probationary period often require the aid and assistance of staff and others in the community in order to be followed. This is to both remind as well as reinforce that in recovery our chance of remaining sober by ourselves is much lower and that asking for help can often be the difference in an individual returning to active drinking or using, or remaining sober. Established clients here at FLF are more than happy to help a newcomer in our community. To see another grow and achieve in sobriety what they could have never imagined while in active addiction or alcoholism is a gift that has no equal. Remember, if you ever need anything, just ask! Rules for the probationary period are, but not limited to, as follows: 

  • Curfew of 9pm, Monday through Sunday evenings:For many of us, evenings were prime using or drinking times. It is important for new clients to remain on-site during these hours for both staff monitoring and to allow an individual to reflect on their day and prepare as necessary for the following day’s activities.
  • Attend a minimum of five (5) AA, NA or other staff approved meetings per week:Meetings are a way for us to remain grounded in our program, meet others and give back through service work.
  • Leaving the grounds during this period requires accompaniment by a fellow member of the community with at least 30 days of sobriety himself:The first 30 days of sobriety is a tumultuous time for many of us, with thoughts of drinking and using coming and going randomly. Having the safety net of another individual in the community with more than 30 days to talk with as these thoughts and emotions surface off-site helps reduce chances for relapse.
  • Evacation of premises from 7:30am to 4pm:Unless a client has obtained permission from staff to remain on-site because of a day off from work, sickness, etc. all clients are required to be out looking for work, volunteering their time, or attending meetings during these hours. If an individual needs to return to the property for any reason during this timeframe, he should contact staff, preferably prior to leaving in the morning to make such arrangements.


  • 1st week-$210 + $75 application fee:$285.00
  • 2nd week:$210.00
  • 3rd week:$210.00
  • 4th week:$210.00
  • Rent is due every Friday. If your move in day is in the middle of the week, days are prorated at $30.00 per day which will be due the Friday of your 2nd week.

First week and fees stand payable upon entering FLF, unless alternate arrangements were discussed and agreed to by staff or Donny Vitucci or Arthur Ladoto. All payments after initial entry will stand due on or before each Friday of the week. If, by some chance a payment cannot be made on or before each Friday, it becomes the client’s responsibility to inform the prospective personnel, so that, one does not lose their place in FLF Sober Living Community.

Important Forms & Documents

The following documents are in PDF format for easy viewing.

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